Verifying storage proofs

How to interact with the `AxiomV0StoragePf` contract
To verify historic storage slots, users and applications can use AxiomV0StoragePf and the attestSlots function, which has the following signature:
function attestSlots(
IAxiomV0.BlockHashWitness calldata blockData,
bytes calldata proof)
This takes in a block hash witness and a ZK proof with public inputs
  • blockHash: The claimed block hash in the attestation.
  • blockNumber: The claimed block number in the attestation.
  • addr: The claimed address in the attestation.
  • slotArray: An array of claimed (slot, slotValue) pairs in the account storage of addr.
The function body checks that
  • blockData is a valid Merkle inclusion proof into the block hash cache
  • proof verifies correctly against our SNARK verifier
  • the public inputs of proof are as claimed.
If all of these checks pass, attestSlots emits:
SlotAttestationEvent(uint32 blockNumber, address addr, uint256 slot, uint256 slotValue)
and sets the value of keccak(blockNumber || addr || slot || slotValue) to true in the mapping
mapping(bytes32 => bool) public slotAttestations;