Axiom V2 Docs
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Common Issues

Common issues and errors that users encounter

Submitting the same Query twice

When the getSendQueryArgs() function is called on the Client SDK (or the command axiom sendQueryArgs is called in the CLI), the query contents are hashed and a unique salt is randomly generated in order to generate a unique queryId. If you submit the same query arguments without calling the getSendQueryArgs() function again, it will contain the same queryId, which will cause your transaction to revert.

Browser Support

AxiomREPL has been tested and works as expected in Google Chrome and Safari. AxiomREPL currently does not work in Firefox.

Finding Your Query in the Explorer

If you have your sendQuery transaction, you can go to the event logs of that transaction to find the queryId in the QueryFeeInfoRecorded event.
You can then check the status of your query in the Axiom Explorer at<queryId>. Remove the /mock if you are sending to AxiomV2Query and not AxiomV2QueryMock.
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