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Web App

Next.js 13 dApp using the app router


If you would like to run this specific example on your own, you'll have to use Alchemy, since we use one of their special JSON-RPC calls, alchemy_getAssetTransfers. Please also ensure that you copy and rename env.local.example to .env.local and fill in the private data.
Example deployment of the app here:

System Diagram

Here's a review of the overall system in order to re-acquaint yourself with how the app is architected.
Flow diagram for the full Autonomous Airdrop system

Integrating your own circuit

You can directly edit the /webapp/src/lib/circuit.ts file to override the client circuit.
You can also import the React context and component by using your favorite package manager (npm/yarn/pnpm):
npm install @axiom-crypto/react
See the React Browser page for more details on the integration.
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