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v0.1.9 (8f475f1)

  • Fix axiomV2CoreDeployBlock for Ethereum mainnet.

v0.1.8 (729547c)

  • Add support for Base mainnet
  • Bump @axiom-crypto/client version to v2.0.9

v0.1.7 (f9f71f2)

  • Add support for Base Sepolia
  • Add support for testing on chains Axiom is not yet deployed on
  • Bump @axiom-crypto/client version to v2.0.8

v0.1.6 (100a9bc)

  • Add peekResults function to Axiom
  • Bump @axiom-crypto/client version to v2.0.7

v0.1.5 (0adda22)

  • Add ast = true in foundry.toml in reaction to foundry-rs/foundry#7197
  • Bump @axiom-crypto/client version to v2.0.6

v0.1.4 (e10e6e3)

  • Move caller to query from prankFulfill
  • Capture stdout and stderr from FFI commands to display legibly in Foundry logs
  • Make functions in Axiom library public to enable vm.expectEmit() to work correctly in prankFulfill

v0.1.3 (4f9ad0e)

  • Allow different AxiomInput structs in different AxiomTest instantiations.

v0.1.2 (089c09a)

  • Fix ABI handling in Axiom cheatcode internals for dynamic types.

v0.1.1 (b596acc)

  • Fix input parsing for array types.

v0.1.0 (0aac665)

  • Implement Foundry cheatcodes to test Axiom V2 client contracts.
  • Includes axiom-std specific CLI for compiling and proving Axiom circuits.