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Awesome Axiom

This is a living resource containing all the awesome things in the Axiom ecosystem! If you're building something on Axiom, you can add it to this page by making a PR.

Project Showcase

Governance Params - View the project here

MEV Victims - This project used Axiom to cryptographically prove that specific txs were victims of mev attacks and built token-gated privileges for certified victims. View the project here


Modular Summit 2023 - Yi Sun: The first ZK coprocessor scaling data-rich applications on Ethereum

ZK Symposium with Scroll - The ZK Coprocessor for Ethereum

ETH Global 2023 - Access transactions and Receipts On-Chain

Jessys Hacker House 2023 - Build data-rich applications with Axiom

ZK9 2023 - Adding reflection to the EVM with Axiom

ZK Paris 2023 - Using ZK to enchance the EVM

PROGCRYPTO - Scaling Data and Compute on Ethereum with Axiom

Whiteboard Series with NEAR - Bowen Wang & Yi Sun cover zero-knowledge proofs

Devcon 6 - ZK Application Design Patterns


Zero Knowledge Podcast - Where ZK and ML intersect with Yi Sun and Daniel Kang

Strange Water Podcast - Installing Ethereum's ZK Coprocessor w/ Yi Sun (Axiom)

No Execution Podcast - Exploring ZK proofs in the modular stack

Zero Knowledge Podcast - Expanding Computation on Ethereum with Axiom