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Axiom VSCode Extension

This extension, built by Standard Crypto, provides tools to manage compilation, proving, and query construction from an Axiom circuit in VSCode. You can view the source code on Github.


Install the Axiom Crypto extension from VisualStudio marketplace within VSCode.

Extension Settings

The extension has the following settings:

  • axiom.configFilePath: File in which PRIVATE_KEY_SEPOLIA and PROVIDER_URI_SEPOLIA are defined. Default is .env.
  • axiom.circuitFilesPattern: Glob pattern to used to automatically discover files containing circuit definitions. Default is **/axiom/**/*.ts.
  • axiom.buildDirectory: Path where circuit outputs from compiled circuits will be written. Default is build/axiom.


Axiom-VScode offers a user-friendly view for managing your Axiom circuit and its queries.

Managing Circuits

Circuits are loaded from a specified location using a customizable glob pattern in the extension settings. The circuit name is extracted from the circuit file.

Compile a Circuit

Compilation requires that the default input be set.

The output will be written to the directory set in the extension settings. Compile Circuit Example

Managing Queries

Queries are managed by Axiom-VScode and saved to the VS code workspace state.

Add a query

Add Query Example

Proving queries

You must compile the circuit and set the query input before running.

You must also set PROVIDER_URI_SEPOLIA in the config file defined in the extension settings.

Prove Query Example

Sending queries

You must set the callback address before sending.

You must also set PRIVATE_KEY_SEPOLIA in the config file defined in the extension settings.

Send Query Example