Axiom v0 Demo

Instructions for the Axiom v0 demo
Axiom provides two capabilities -- historic data access and verifiable compute. The first version of Axiom gives self-serve access to historic data, and we are partnering directly with protocols to develop trustless compute primitives on top of this data.
The Axiom v0 demo provides an illustration of how to use Axiom. It consists of the base Axiom system as well as 3 demo applications built on top of it. We provide a web frontend for these at, a proving server which generates ZK validity proofs in response to user queries, and on-chain smart contracts which verify these proofs and provide downstream applications trustless access to query results.

Axiom Demos

Our demo apps enable you to:
  • Prove account age: Trustlessly prove the block number at which your account made its first transaction.
  • Prove Uniswap v2 TWAP values: Prove the TWAP of the ETH-USD Uniswap v2 pool between any two historic blocks on-chain without checkpointing.
  • Access RanDAO randomness: Access the randomness generated by the Ethereum Consensus Layer and available to the Execution Layer in any post-merge block in the prevRandao block header field.
  • Prove arbitrary historic storage slot values: Access up to 10 slot values from the account storage of any address at any historic block number.
Each app follows a four step user flow:
  1. 1.
    Enter block and address data to specify the query into Axiom.
  2. 2.
    Click Generate Proof to request a ZK proof from our proving servers that confirms we have correctly run and constrained the relevant on-chain data reads and compute.
  3. 3.
    Once the proof has been generated, the Axiom frontend will fetch witnesses for the relevant block hashes and prepare a on-chain verification transaction. Click Submit attestation to submit a mainnet transaction which verifies your query result on-chain. This step requires spending ETH for gas fees.
  4. 4.
    After your verification transaction has been confirmed on-chain, view the on-chain form of your attestation by clicking the provided link to your transaction on Etherscan and viewing Logs.
You can always see find the verified code for the Axiom smart contracts on Etherscan at the deployment addresses listed here. For more details about each of our demos, see the demo pages for Account Age, Uniswap TWAP, Randomizer, and Custom Storage Proofs.
Warning: Our circuits and smart contracts are currently unaudited and intended only to illustrate use cases for Axiom. They should not be relied upon for production usage or value transfer.