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Axiom V2 Mainnet Repos and Commits‚Äč

All code for the smart contracts and ZK circuits deployed in the Axiom V2 mainnet release are open-sourced at our Github.

Our smart contracts were audited by Spearbit, and our ZK circuits were audited by Spearbit, Zellic, and Trail of Bits.

The deployment uses the following repos and commits.

halo2-libv0.4.14dc5c48ZK circuit library for basic gadgets and elliptic curve arithmetic
snark-verifierv0.1.77cbe809ZK circuits for recursive aggregation of halo2-KZG SNARKs
axiom-ethv2.0.14d607950ZK circuits for reading from Ethereum data structures and proving Axiom queries
axiom-v2-contractsv1.0.05514752Smart contracts for AxiomV2Core and AxiomV2Query