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System Functions


The log(...) function is used to debug the value of a CircuitValue or a CircuitValue256 (or some array of them). This is useful for debugging and checking that the values inside the circuit are what you would expect.

* Logs the provided *circuit* values to the console.
* Use `console.log` for normal logging.
* @param args - The values to log (can be `CircuitValue`s or `CircuitValue256`s).
log: (...args: (CircuitValue | CircuitValue256)[]) => void;


This function is used to add a bytes32 value to the array of results that your callback contract receives upon query fulfillment. You can call addToCallback a maximum of 128 times inside a client circuit. See Smart Contract Integration for more info on setting up your contract to receive the the data you pass to addToCallback.

* Adds a circuit value to the callback.
* Values passed to this function will be passed to your
* callback client contract on-chain by Axiom.
* @param a - The circuit value to add to the callback.
addToCallback: (a: CircuitValue | CircuitValue256) => void;


This function casts a ConstantValue to a CircuitValue that must be the same every time you run your circuit.

* Creates a circuit constant from a number, bigint, or string.
* @param a - The constant value.
* @returns The constant value cast to CircuitValue.
constant: (a: ConstantValue) => CircuitValue;