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AxiomREPL is an in-browser REPL interface which allows you to prototype Axiom circuit code directly in the browser without creating a local project. It allows you to:

  • Write an Axiom circuit function directly in the web browser.
  • Compile and prove the Axiom circuit.
  • See results from generating proofs in the Axiom circuit which would be sent to a callback function.
  • Submit queries to the AxiomV2Query contract on Ethereum mainnet or AxiomV2QueryMock test contracts on Sepolia or Base Sepolia testnets.

AxiomREPL currently supports Ethereum mainnet, Sepolia testnet, and Base Sepolia testnet.


AxiomREPL is supported on Google Chrome, Brave, and Safari. We do not currently offer support for Firefox or on mobile.