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Axiom Developer Resources

This section contains resources to help you while building with Axiom:

  • Contract Addresses: Addresses of the deployed Axiom V2 contracts on Ethereum mainnet and Sepolia testnet.
  • Gas, Pricing, and Limits: A guide to the fees and limits associated with using Axiom.
  • Axiom Cookbook: A collection of circuit recipes to help you access commonly used types of on-chain data like ETH / ERC-20 / ERC-721 token balances and event logs.
  • AxiomREPL: An in-browser REPL to help you play around with Axiom circuits. Write, compile, and prove circuits with the Axiom SDK, all in your browser.
  • Ethereum On-Chain Data: A guide to the different types of on-chain data in Ethereum and tips for accessing it with Axiom.
  • Debugging Resources: Resources to resolve common issues or errors you may run into while building with Axiom.

For more tooling developed by our community, check out the Community page, including the Axiom VS Code extension.